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– Stairs, which are nothing more than a multi-layered haircut in stairs, can be the ideal choice for those people who want to change their image without losing hair length.


– The popularity of this haircut is also due to the fact that it suits absolutely any woman, regardless of age, face shape, hair color and texture. Stair-cut hair gets a healthy, fresh look and extra volume.

Stair haircuts: 20 styles to be inspired by!



– Stair haircuts: The main advantages


– As I said, the ladders fit practically all shapes of the face. Moreover, this haircut can wonderfully hide certain imperfections. For example, a round face can be visually transformed into a longer one, it can soften a prominent chin and visible cheekbones present in the square and triangular shapes of the face, and the oval face will look even more perfect because the stairs can accentuate that perfect shape.





– The structure of the hair also cannot influence the final result too much. For example, thin or fine hair may look more voluminous due to the fact that the hair will look more frequent visually.


– To get the maximum result, you will need to apply a mousse on your hair and dry your hair using a hair dryer with specially designed nozzles. On the other hand, if a young lady has heavy and thick hair, then the haircut will eliminate that „extra weight”, making the hair more obedient and lighter.





– There is an opinion that the curls are not suitable for natural wavy hair, because the curls hide those exact features of the haircut, but this opinion is completely wrong.


– The stairs will look on such a very romantic, feminine and delicate hair. Its unusual shape will give the look a certain artistic chaos.

– If you still want to emphasize the haircut lines, then the curls can be straightened at any time with the help of the hair straightening plate.



– This haircut can refresh the image in just a few seconds, without losing much of its length. Only the strands of hair that frame the face will be changed, which is important for those people who want to grow their hair.


– The haircut in stairs can be very easily and simply arranged. Choosing the most suitable option for yourself, you will only need 10-15 minutes.




Stairs or waterfall: what’s the difference?


– It is not a secret that many representatives of the fair sex assume that the waterfall and the stairs are one and the same haircut.

– In fact, they are very similar, but they are quite different. Both haircuts are made to give the hair insufficient volume.

– Both look good on both long and short hair; both on ideal smooth hair and at least wavy. At first glance, the haircuts similar to the model differ from each other in terms of execution technique, styling methods and final appearance.


– Thus, the haircut in „stairs” has been known for a long time. These are often called „graded” haircuts. The strands of hair remind us of some stairs, hence the name of this haircut. The simplest technique is to tighten the hair in a ponytail or at the top of the head and just shorten the hair a little with a few uses of scissors.

– To cut a woman with wavy hair, this technique may be sufficient. Making a real haircut in stairs involves dividing the hair into strands and cutting them so that each strand is a little longer than the previous one.


While cascading haircuts involve a more difficult execution technique. The hairs in the temple area are shorter and the ones below are longer. As a result, the face will look like it is framed in hair of different lengths.

– Here there is another characteristic difference: the actual passage from the different length of the hair is not hidden as in the haircut in stairs, but on the contrary, it is accentuated. The hairs of different lengths, which hang, represent the icing on the cake of the cascading haircut.









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