A little boy with autism built the largest copy of the Titanic in the lego! – SteMir

Icelandic Brynjar Karl Birgisson built the largest replica of the Titanic vessel, „made of Lego bricks.” The teenager is 15 years old and suffering from autism. The Titanic model will be exhibited for the first time in a museum in America.

In order to carry out his project of 8 meters, the teenager initially used 56,000 Lego bricks, but after the front was broken, he had to buy more and finally reached about 65,000 pieces.

The company “Lego” partially subsidized the construction, giving a discount to Brynjar. In addition, to strengthen his work, the young builder used 120 tubes of glue. The famous Titanic replica has so far been exhibited in Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Germany, and will now arrive at the Titanic Museum in Tennessee.

Brynjar says the experience of building the ship has helped him fight autism.

„Although I am still autistic and I will always be, I have trained to be” as normal as possible „, the boy said in an interview. “I was totally incapable of communicating when I started the project, and now I’m on stage and giving interviews. He trusted me. When I started the construction process, I had a person helping me at school at every step I took, but today I am learning without any support. I had the opportunity to travel and explore and meet wonderful people. ”

Brynjar has also been to the United States to give a speech about his autism and his plan to build a replica of the Titanic. He says that his grandfather helped him in the calculations made to narrow the Titanic’s plan so that the model could be made with 4 cm Lego pieces.

“When the child comes up with an exciting dream or goal, big or crazy, that he or she would like to achieve, listen carefully and try to find ways to support him or her to reach their goal. It might be the best investment you make for your child. „
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